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About Us

Located right off the Oxford square across from the Lafayette County Chancery Building. Owner, Mike Portera, made his dream become a reality when he opened Lenora's Restaurant in August 2009. It is his #1 priority to make sure every customer walks out with a memorable experience. Lenora's is well known for our relaxed, laid-back environment - with just about twenty-five tables available, Lenora’s is able to keep the dining experience personal and detail orientated. 

“It is important to make a connection with your guests. I want them to enjoy what I have created for them and for them to know that I am thankful for their continuous business and support”

- Mike Portera, Owner

"Lenora's is a very special place. Every football season our reservation books are 80% filled with repeat customers. Although our food speaks for itself, I think that the customers come back because they fall in love with Mike and the atmosphere he has created."

-   Brittany Case, Former General Manager

     June 2020 - January 2024


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